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1-2-Trio Awning Erection Instructions  

Erection Instructions - Awnings
In your own interest we suggest you read the entire instruction before erecting the awning for the first time.

Park the caravan in a level position. Unpack the awning and place it on the ground at the right side of the caravan preferably on a piece of plastic (the ground may be wet and dirty).

Fitting the awning:
First ensure that the awning is correct side out, then feed the channel beading at the back of the awning into the awning channel. Pull the beading through the channel - but be careful not to pull on seams or zips.
All zippers must remain closed until the awning is erected and pegged.

The frame:
Now the frame has to be assembled. It makes it easier if all parts are placed on the ground approximately where they are to be used.
Do not fit the legs to the corners/eaves yet. It is not that difficult - most of the frame parts are marked with numbers, 1 to 1, 2 to2, etc.
The telescopic poles (ridge, eaves, and centre leg) must be telescoped to their minimum before erecting the awning. Ready?

Fitting the frame:
Lift the awning canvas once more and hook the centre ridge in the centre caravan bracket. if your model has a centre leg it is now to be assembled to the centre bracket. Then the right rafter is connected to the same centre bracket, and the other end fitted to the corner bracket of the eave bar which together with the eave bar is hooked into the right caravan bracket. Then the right leg is fitted.
Now repeat this operation in the left side. It may be necessary to stretch the telescopic poles a little to make the erecting easier. Always use the first hole in poles with button springs.

On models with canopy the short canopy poles are inserted from the outside through the triangle holes in the front. On models with canopy rafters you pull the canopy rafters through the sewn-in sleeves in the front. Start the mounting in the centre and then go to the right and the left side.

It may be a bit tight, but this is usually because the telescopic's have been stretched too hard. When the complete frame is assembled you have to stretch all the telescopic roof poles very tight.

Use the nylon pegs for the canvas and the wire pegs for the mudwall.
Remember always to peg from the outside.

On Trio Awnings: Adjust the straps of the flexible pegging to level out the irregularities of the ground, thus you will always obtain a tight canvas when pegging.

On OBI awnings with combi mudwalling: Mount the rubbers opposite to the desired mudwalling, inside and outside, viz, rubbers to be mounted outside for inside mudwalling and inside for outside mudwalling.

Start pegging at the caravan corners i.e., the inner corners of the awning. Then peg the front corners - watch the direction of the side walls - and stretch well. Finally you peg the side and the front.

Important: At all the zippers the rubber straps should be cross pegged:
cross peg rubbers

Now the erecting of the awning is almost finished - only pegging of the mudwall and the triangles at the caravan corners remain to be done.

Finally you fit the curtains and if necessary stretch the telescopic poles once more.
Now sit down and enjoy the sight of a beautiful awning - you have many camping adventures ahead of you. Have a nice camping holiday!

Should you need further advice or instructions don't hesitate to contact your dealer.

The factory guarantee against defects in material and workmanship within a period of 12 months from the date of purchase against presentation of a receipt.

Take care of the instruction, which has to be followed. If any of these conditions are ignored, factory warranty will not apply.

The awnings are manufactured of carefully selected materials, but even then you have to treat your awning with care to ensure maximum satisfaction.

  1. Instructions have to be followed.
  2. Keep the tent cool and dry when not in use. Clean the frame after each use.
  3. The best way to dry a wet tent is over the frame.
  4. Clean the awning with pure water and a soft brush. For the windows you can add a little vinegar and nothing else.
  5. Spots on the canvas can be removed with mild soap. You must rinse carefully and then re-proof. Never use detergents.

The canvas is impregnated in order to make it water-repellent. A brand new tent - or an extremely dry tent - requires some moisture before it is fully water-repellent.
The fibres have to expand. Heavy night dew or a light shower will make the tent water tight.

click for larger image.
Download this page in PDF format to print out and keep!
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