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Caravan site etiquette
spaceCaravanning affords you great freedom - but there are a few unwritten rules which govern behaviour on a caravan or camp site.
spaceThe following tips should help you, and everybody else staying at the caravan park, enjoy a happy and sociable holiday.
  • When walking around the site, try not to cut across anybody else's pitch. It may provide a shortcut to the showers, but some caravanner's will see it as an intrusion on their privacy.
  • If you have been allowed to take a pet, make sure they are under your control at all times. Just because a caravan park is pet-friendly, don't make the mistake of thinking every visitor will be an animal-lover.
  • If you're using an awning, make sure you lift the ground sheet on a daily basis to let the grass breathe underneath. Many sites will request this of you.
  • The vast majority of caravan sites will have dedicated areas for ball games, purposefully set away from the caravans. If you and your children want to play, it's best to use these areas - or at least make sure you are suitably far away from your neighbours that you won't disturb them. On many sites, ball games are forbidden on pitching areas.
  • Be aware of your noise levels while other caravanner's are trying to sleep. Try and keep the noise down after 11pm .
  • Whatever the time of day, be considerate with your use of the television or radio. Neighbours sitting outside may hear more of your programme's than they really want to.
  • Nearly all sites will have laundry and washing up facilities. If the washing up sinks are all in use, wait in line or return to them later. It isn't considered good practice to take your washing to the sinks in the toilet block.
  • It almost goes without saying, but don't leave rubbish cluttering your pitch. Even if you fully intend to clear it up before you leave, it detracts from the beauty of the area - and could ruin the view out of your neighbour's window.
  • In wet weather try to park your car on car parks rather than on the grass next to your pitch, this makes it easier for you to get in and out and will not cause ruts in the camping and caravanning areas.
  • Most sites will display their rules at reception, make sure you check them out in order to adhere to them, they are their to enable everyone to enjoy the outdoors.
  • If you are new to camping or caravanning don't be afraid to ask your neighbour for help or advice, we have found that in most cases they will be happy to do help.

Over many years of Caravanning and Camping I have found that these little guidelines often mean the difference between a friendly and good natured atmosphere on site and in many cases a courteous hello, Good morning etc will receive a simi lair reply. In the main campers are a friendly crowd who all share the same ideals of getting away from it all while enjoying some peace and quiet.

Happy Caravanning or camping and if you see us on site be sure to say hello, we enjoy a natter as much as most folk do!

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