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Carver Cascade 2 Heater switch
Question Hello, I am trying to find a heater switch for our caravan. I have just found the user instructions  on your website and thought it would be worth a try to contact you!

Hi Lucy, When I require any info on carver products my first port of call is Arc Systems, They are extremely knowledgeable about these things and do carry some spare parts as well. Contact Gary at:
Arc Systems
13 Far Street,
NG11 6PF,
Tel/Fax: 0115 921 3175
Mobile: 07901 544431
Email: info@arcsystems.biz

Older Caravan Insurance
Question Sorry to bother you. I have a 1970 Thompson mini glen and have had no success in finding insurance for a caravan of this age. Do you have any ideas? Su S.
Reply Hello Su, have you tried the NFU Mutual for caravan insurance, I have been insured with them for years now with no problems so far. Very reasonable too!
Their website for caravan insurance is at http://www.nfumutual.co.uk/you/caravan-insurance/index.htm  or call them at  0800 316 4661.
Don't forget to mention Thomson Caravans History and Information when you contact them.
Graham .
Spare 12n & 12s plugs
Question Hi...just something we came across last year, we were about to set off home from lakeside (york) and our grey plug just fell to bits, ended up having to travel round trip of 30 miles to buy new one (£1-99) costly trip. so we now carry a spare black and grey one. I know it's difficult to try not to carry everything , but without this we couldn't have travelled home. Many thank for all your info. Sue C.
Reply Hi Sue,
An excellent idea and one I have added to the Advice/Tips section. As well as putting a new plug in my spares box for each of the electrical connections.
Thank you
Towing Mirrors
Question Hi, could you please tell me if it is a legal requirement to have a towing mirror. I use one but my friend does not. I told him I thought it was against the law but I am not sure could you clear this up for me please. Carl B
Reply Hi CB,
The law relating to mirrors when towing a caravan states that they must provide an adequate view to the rear and along both sides of the caravan, making them a legal requirement if you caravan is wider than your car. Door mirrors on cars and 4 x 4 's are type approved to give you a prescribed view of behind the car when not obstructed by a caravan or trailer.

If the caravan obstructs the rear view mirror, additional exterior mirrors should be fitted. However, the additional mirrors should not project more than 200mm (250mm for all new cars sold after 26th of January 2007) beyond the widest part of the towing vehicle or caravan.

Towing mirrors must also be removed when travelling solo.

Since the 12th of December 2005 it is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom and the EU that mirrors comply with community directive 2003/97 or 2005/27 or ECE regulation 46.02.

Best regards

Caravan Advice - DIY - Feedback - Handy Hints - Maintenance - Miscellaneous - Your Questions
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