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We started to dig out the bad wood from the window frame and managed to save  some of the main down spars.  
As we went further down the panel we made a horrible discovery. This is all that is left of the front leading corner framework. I realised that the front corner would now need to be opened fully to cure this so it was off outside to start pulling it down.
   Once the outer corner seam rail was removed I had to clean the edge of the caravan with White spirits to find the staples and panel pins that hold the side of the caravan to the framework
This is the view from the cellar hehe  once the panel was off we could see just how bad the inner wall was.
Whilst undoing the roof area to gain access to the upper part of the fame we noticed the main front centre spar was damp but not rotten. Water had been getting in through a broken screw on the centre roof sealing rail which has now been removed.  First I tried to dry the former with a heat gun, although it was doing the job I had to keep stopping as the gun had an auto shutdown when it got to hot.
Our second idea of using a heater fan on gentle heat blowing into the roof space seemed to work much better. Once that was done we could see the whole of the area had dried out well and their was no need to replace any of the wood . So once it was treated with wood hardener for protection and we resealed the roof. This in itself is a very tricky job as we had to be careful and ensure the roof panels came down square and not wrinkle or crease. A coating of seamseal mastic applied from a tube with an application gun was stuck to the wooden roof batons and on each layer of roof panel to ensure a water tight seal. We also had to make sure that we fixed the roof panels from the centre out as if you try it from outside to the centre you will end up with an uneven roof panel and have to strip it off again. 
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