Evans Farm Campsite
Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon, North Wales.

The site is very clean and has basic facilities including hook up 10 per night The camping equipment is a fully kitted Sunncamp 250 Trailer Tent that can sleep 8 people at a push The Renault scenic is the 1.8ltre CDI Another view of the trailer tent and our little dog Holly she is a cross between a collie and a Doberman. A dam good house dog.

My Daughter Jenny and her daughter Nicole playing in one of the two main  sleeping compartments of the trailer tent

Our Granddaughter Nicole. At the time of the picture she was 14months old  and already loves camping with us

Nicole on the local beach, Dinas Dinlle beach is a five minute drive and is a very clean place. All amenities are available and very close to the beach

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