Welcome to phase 2 of the project
the Front of the caravan
We found the the front windows had leaked yet dried out again but the damage was done and the rot had to be taken away . 
As you can see the inner panels were showing the rot so we started to dig it away fearing the worst. What we found was one major area of bad rot around the offside front window and caravan outer seal, the bottom of both other windows did have rot at the bottom but we think its cause was the seals on the bottom corners of the window rubbers fortunately their  main wooden structure was still sound. 
So the boss started to strip the inner panel off and I went to the pub (fat chance)
Once the digging was done we thought it wasn't as bad as we expected. The windows had been leaking but yet again the push handles and the gutter rail seal on the caravan had caused the main damage and would need replacing .We also found that the outer seal and caravan panel needed to be opened up to replace a small portion of the inch blockwood that forms the outer corner of the caravan front (bummer).
The pics above show their is no damage to the frame work around the left and centre windows so only the rubber seals will need to be replaced 
I decided to cut away a small panel directly under the damage to check that the wood below was good and in fact it showed no sign of it ever being damp so I thought EASY  it will just get treated with ronseal wood hardener when all the other wood it treated and job done. (How wrong can you be,) a second reason for cutting this small panel out was  I  needed to gain access to the lower screws that hold the front main caravan panel to the side panel as they screw from inside to outside.
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