Our camping holiday snaps
The UK Camp Site Scottish Rally (Kenmore 2003)
The view of the Rally camp from the golf course. People travelled for many miles to attend the First Scottish National Rally of the UKCamp Site group.
Another view of the camp .this time its from the lake side of Kenmore. As you can see the rally was well attended and plans are already being made for next years rally
The group Photo at the close of the Rally . this was taken on the Monday morning. Some of the members had to leave on the Sunday evening and didnít make the photo 21  families came together at the meet and it was a great experience to be able to meet people who I had chatted with on the internet via UKCS
Myself on the left and Mike on the right, mike played a massive part in the organising of the rally, Each morning he put his Kilt on to raise his flag of Scotland. Notice the secret salute  One of the many views of Loch Tay. You can drive all the way around the loch and there are many beautiful sights to see as you go.
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