Left: We half expected the offside of the caravan to have the same amount of damage as the nearside and when we stripped it down we were pleasantly surprised to find although we had some rot their wasn't anywhere near as much. we looked long and hard to find out where the water had got in and once again it was in two main areas, the dreaded push handle yet again. and the seal under the gutter trim had failed which was the cause of  blame for the rotten spar.  Right: Once the inside was stripped down to expose all the damp it was time to take the seals off the outside, once the rear of the caravan was opened up we would know the full extent of the damage
There should be a long piece of 3/4 block timber running down this panel from the top former plate to the frame of the rear of the caravan where the shape starts to curl back in but alas its rotted away.  As the top former was solid and had not been wet it was going to be an easy task of sealing it with wood hardener for protection and making a new spar for the panel. 
Bottom and top of the main rear frame. the damage here is the worst part of this phase. the water has got in via the push handle and rotted the whole of this spar. There is no need to strip out the good wood so I have measured up the damaged area and cleaned and straightened the end of the original down spar and I  will make a shaped former plate out of 3inch x 3/4 timber and slot it into the existing down spar and  continue it down and connect it to the frame, I am also hoping to incorporate the handle securing block on the same former to give added strength to the push handle.  once all this exposed wood has been treated with wood hardener and the wood filler is placed where needed I will start the replacement of the timber and then retreat it with more wood hardener.
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