Corner Rebuild
At last we start to rebuild the corner and it sure feels good knowing that we are on the rebuild.
we started at the bottom corner as their seemed to be several pieces of 3/4" block softwood coming together to form a shape in the corner ,we decided it would be stronger and easier to fix the corner in one piece , the left picture shows how we  made a template using A4 card and  getting an accurate shape of the area. the right photo shows the pattern transferred to a piece of  4" X 3/4 planed wood.
(Left) Out came the old faithful jig saw and workmate , minutes later the bracket  was cut. ( Right) it fits perfectly, the little cutout in the top left side of the bracket is for the main down spar to locate into. Before we can fit this formed piece into place we have to fix the locating batons on the back corner.
The  photos below show just how we have rescued as much of the original timber as we could by digging out all the rotted wood and then soaked the remaining wood with Ronseal wood hardener once it is hardened I will fill the area with wood filler (WARNING) Using solvent based products such as Ronseal Wood Hardener will cause the polystyrene to melt if it get in contact with it, this is why all of the new wood was treated and permitted to dry before it was fitted to the framework. Where this was not possible the polystyrene was cut away and re glued back into place after the wood was treated and dried.
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