The job goes on but results start to show
( Above left photo) We decided to make the top brace and add a section of the down spar on it to give maximum strength and to make sure that no two wood joints are level with each other. (Above Right Photo) the brace is now set in place with  No-Nails and screws.
(above left photo) Now we turned out attention to the bottom corner and we made a plate that dropped down under the floor to form the bottom curve of the caravan body. (above right photo ) we replaced the outer panels to their former position in order to make sure we do not alter the geometry of the body shell and it also helped to fix the new timber into its correct location..
Just when you think you are not getting anywhere it all starts to come together, the left hand photo above  shows the now fixed new wooden frame we built and the new side spars , once again we have fixed them with screws and no-nails. the right photo above shows the top brace from the inside which is now secure and their is now new wood from the top bracket all the way down to the bottom corner of the caravan. all the new timber has been treated with Ronseal wood hardener as an extra protection against it ever getting wet again.
These two photos above show that all the framework is now finished and ready to accept the plywood covering. 
Above is a photo of the rear of the caravan , now all the panels have been closed up and sealed using a mastic sealant from a tube. All of the side flash rails have been sealed using the mastic on a roll and they have been replaced to give the outside wall  a little strength so it does not loose shape when the wall board is pressed to the inside of the caravan 
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