Once again Annette would cut the vinyl paper to size and shape , using the PVA glue she pasted the wall rather than the paper, then smooth it over with an old tea towel.
Views of the centre to the right side of the caravan 

Views of the left side of the caravan. 

With the decorating now finished we could turn our efforts to the finishing touches and we could see the finish line in sight.

Its now time to finish the resealing of the caravan.  The first thing that must be done is to clean up the rails and get off all the old sealant, I found the easiest way was to first scrape off as much as I could with a 2" wall scraper
Once that was done I found that using an old pastry brush and a cup of white spirits I could scrub off the remaining sealant and then wipe it down with a rag then leave it to dry off the outcome of this was excellent.
Using the 47mm wide mastic I now carefully placed the new mastic sealant onto the rail pressing it down as I go and ensuring that the mastic entered the grooves on the rail. Once that is done I then turned the rail over and pushed the new screws through the rail and through the mastic, wetting them in my mouth first so they didn't stick to the mastic as they went through.
Now with the rail seated in place and a few of the screws driven in half way to ensure the rail was in position I found it easy to pull the backing paper off the rail and then using a small piece of wood as a drift and a hammer I could tap the rail into place. Once I was happy that the rail was seated correctly I finished driving in the screws which pulled the rail firmly home..  
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