Window Strip Down
Window removals are quite straight forward but great care must be taken as even though they are made of plastic  they do not bend.
We started to remove the off side front window first and started inside the caravan  taking the catches off 
We then turned our attention to the window stays , this is a two person job as one must be outside holding the window in the open position, this method also make it easy to access the screws that hold the piston in position. Once we had removed the fittings to the caravan their was no need to undo the pistons from the glass as they would go with it.
Once we had removed all the inner fittings we went outside and I located the grub screw on the outer rail,  once this is unscrewed from the bottom the grub will slide out leaving the window track open. Note: each window has 2 grub screws to stop them from sliding out of position.
 Left:  Now I turned my attention to extracting the first two of the main window rail screws, I did this to allow the rail to bend outwards slightly giving me a better clearance from the main caravan corner seal  Right :  I can now gently slide the window off the rail and out of harms way.
We removed the right hand window in the same fashion and then we turned our attention the the centre window. As our caravan has a slight bevel to the front I noticed that the window would not travel along the track to combat this we removed all the screws up to the centre window edge on the main rail, now the window slides out with ease.
We can now extract all the staples that hold the window rubber in place, taking great care not to dig into the rubber , I gently pressed a flat bladed screwdriver under the staple and prized it up just enough to get a pair of long nosed pliers in to grab the staple and pull it out.
Once all the staples are removed Annette pulled the rubber seal off the frame and we noticed that all the sealing compound had failed .
This photo shows the old sealant had dried out and cracked, fortunately we have replaced the seals in time as no frame damage has been found but by next season that might have been a different story. 
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