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 Books and Manuals
Veloce Publishing £ 14.99
Sprite Caravans by Andrew Jenkinson 

The Story of Sprite Caravans
By Andrew Jenkinson
ISBN: 978-1-845843-58-8
Veloce Publishing Ltd
Paperback . 20.7x25cm

First UK book dedicated to one caravan brand
Rare archive photos of US Sprites from the 60s & 70s
Explains why Sprite was so successful
Author knew Sprite founder Sam Alper OBE
Access to Sam Alper's archive granted to author
Explains how the Sprite brand achieved massive sales Factory shots of Sprites being produced in 50s/60s
Rare archive photos of Sprites
Explains how Sprite brought innovations to the rest of industry
Written by UK caravan expert
This book tells of the story of Sprite caravans, from early primitive designs to the sophisticated Sprite of today. It describes how one man - Sam Alper OBE - was driven to provide the caravanning public with cheap affordable holidays, by bringing the VW/Ford mass-production ethos to the caravan industry.
The first book written on Sprite Caravans, and the first UK book to cover one brand of touring caravan.
Sprite became the caravan that brought many families into the hobby from the early 1950s, and this book examines just how prolific the brand was, not only in the UK, but on a global basis too. It tells how Sprite mastered mass production in caravans, and how it pioneered rigorous testing procedures, with plenty of illustrations of this taking place.
Sam Alper OBE, the founder of Sprite, marketed caravanning as a pastime, and proved that caravans were safe and easy to tow, with simple designs both inside and out that could also be appealing to buyers. Much of the rare promotional mock-up material he used to do this is reproduced in the book, along with rare press shots of stars from the Carry On films, some of which featured Sprite Caravans. Comprehensive, unique, and totally up-to-date, this is essential reading for enthusiasts.
Additional Information
Models covered: Alpine, Aerial, Cadet, CI Group,Colt, Countryman, Escort, Fenman, Finesse, 400, Major, Musketeer, Sprint, Streamlite

Micro caravans, The illustrated history Micro Caravans - the illustrated history from 1918
By Andrew Jenkinson
ISBN: 9781903706824
Veloce Publishing Ltd
First full history of the small/micro-caravan in the UK Fully illustrated with some rare photos Features layout plans Starts story at the beginning of car-pulled trailer caravan story Includes all imported models Shows Mini and other small classic cars and motorcycles pulling small caravans Includes the smallest modern micro caravans Nostalgic and informative A light-hearted view of the small/micro-caravan. History of the small/micro-caravan describes the development of the smallest touring caravans, and the role they played in introducing the small car owner to caravanning. From the Eccles of the 20s to the Tab and Freedom caravan of today, the book follows the often amusing trends in the history of the small touring caravan.

Caravans The illustrated History 1919-1959 Caravans, The Illustrated History 1919-1959
By Andrew Jenkinson
ISBN: 9781903706824
Veloce Publishing Ltd
This initial volume starts off as the first seeds were sown regarding the car pulled leisure caravan. Starting with the longest surviving name in the UK Eccles, the first chapter deals with the Rileys the father and son team who saw the potential of the caravan as a pastime. Not only did they manufacture the first towed caravans, but they went to great lengths to promote this new pastime.

The History of caravans from 1960

Caravans - The Illustrated History - From 1960
by Andrew Jenkinson
ISBN: 1903706858
Veloce Publishing Ltd

Second volume covers the last 40 years of touring caravan design in the UK. It also shows how the modern caravan has progressed in original B&W and colour photographs. It covers an era when the UK was exporting thousands of caravans all over the world, and how we are still the leaders in design and quality. Some of the ideas now may seem whacky, others have just come into the modern tourer of today, such as showers and hot water systems.

The Illustrated History of Motorhomes

Motorhomes - The Illustrated History
by Andrew Jenkinson
Veloce Publishing Ltd

This book covers the history of the motorhome in the UK, from its earliest beginnings right through to the present day. From micro motorhomes to the giants from the US, the book offers complete coverage of the motorhome industry in the UK during the 20th century.

Motorhomes: The Complete Guide
By David and Fiona Batten-Hill
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd (31 Aug 2009)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0709084056
ISBN-13: 978-0709084051
Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 16.2 x 2.8 cm

Product Description
A motorhome can give you a unique holiday experience every time you use it and "The Complete Guide to Motorhomes" will help you get the most from every trip. Motorhomes range from the compact to the magnificent but they have one thing in common: they are a home from home, and knowing the ins and outs of motorhomes will help you make the very best of them. "The Complete Guide to Motorhomes" takes you from the status of beginner to the ranks of expert by revealing information gained from years of experience, allied to intensive research into all aspects of motorhoming. You can discover which kind of motorhome will be best for you, and learn about choosing and buying your ideal one then find out how to use and enjoy it, both at home and abroad. For novices, practised motorhomers and everyone in between, "The Complete Guide to Motorhomes" will make an ideal travelling companion on the road to freedom. An on-board essential, it will both educate and entertain.
About the Author
Fiona and Dave Batten-Hill have spent the last five years 'on the road', generating test reports, for national magazines, on motorhomes of all kinds, on motorhome accessories, campsites, popular holiday destinations and their attractions. They have experienced every aspect of motorhoming from choosing and buying to maximising the hobby's rewards, in both the UK and Europe, and they spent their honeymoon at Gretna Green...in a high top camper!
Customer Reviews
As a complete novice still looking to buy first motorhome to travel europe on a long term basis (currently living in South Africa)and still doing research on the type of vehicle we desire (suggestions please) we have just returned from the uk with the book Motorhomes The Complete Guide. Great book for the beginner learning lots of things I would otherwise maybe not have considered. I guess for serious motorhomers with lots of years experience alot of information will be familiar but for the uninitiated knowledge like this should be a great start.

This is the opening part of chapter two and it neatly illustrates the approach taken to choosing a motorhome.

Click here to purchase this book Life and Limb
By Jamie Andrew
The amazing story of Jamie Andrew - the Scottish mountaineer who lost his limbs to frostbite, but has since rebuilt his life in an inspiring way.
ISBN: 0749950528
Portrait Books
Jamie Andrew
Jamie Andrew's rescue after five nights trapped by a ferocious storm on Mont Blanc has passed into Alpine legend; his survival was miraculous - but his close friend died in his arms, and Jamie himself lost both his hands and legs to frostbite. His description of that episode is both enthralling and harrowing. The book also describes Jamie's life since he so nearly died - coming to terms with the death of his friend, and his own disability. Within three months, he had learnt to walk again on prosthetic legs - and since then he has married his long-term girl-friend, Anna, and, astonishingly, both climbed Mont Blanc again and run in the London Marathon. Life and Limb is not only an epic of survival and tragedy in the mountains, but an inspiring story of one man's absolute determination to continue living life to the full in the face of enormous difficulties.

The Camping Manual The Camping Manual
By: Peter Frost
The step-by-step guide to camping for all the family
ISBN: 1844253197
Increasing numbers of people are discovering that camping is an economical and attractive holiday option. At last, here is a book that will tell you all you need to know about planning the perfect family camping trip. Whether it is a weekend in North Wales or two weeks in the Costa Brava, this attractively presented, all-colour manual will take you through choosing, buying and looking after tents, trailer tents and the many other accessories and equipment you will need. With clear step-by-step instructions throughout, this invaluable guide will enable you to be truly comfortable in your portable home.
Hardback, 270x 210mm, 192 pages, 400 colour illustrations

The Trailer manual The Trailer manual
By: Brian Bate
This book will prove to be a great help to both novice and experienced trailer users.
ISBN: 9781844252121
Following the same successful format as the Caravan Manual and Motorcaravan Manual, this is a comprehensive guide to buying, using, maintaining - even building - a light trailer, up to 3.5 tonnes in weight. Featuring car trailers, trailer tents, tippers, general haulage and motorcycle carriers, new and used, expert author Brian Bate provides the sort of information that will be invaluable to both novice and experienced trailer users, including authoritative details on the latest legislation affecting trailer usage.

The Caravan Manual The Caravan Manual
By John Wickersham
A Guide to Servicing, Maintenance and Improvements
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 176 pages, 380 colour illustrations
ISBN: 1859603335
Now produced in full colour throughout, the third edition of the Caravan Manual contains completely revised text and many new illustrations. Its content includes guidance on maintaining older caravans as well as detailed information on recent developments. The introduction of new European Standards, for example, has initiated many of the changes seen in tow cars and caravans alike. Fully illustrated with photographs and new colour illustrations, this essential book describes all the vital maintenance tasks and repair work that keeps a caravan in tip-top condition.

Build Your Own Motorcaravan Build Your Own Motorcaravan
By John Wickersham
All is revealed in this practical book.
ISBN: 1844252213
One way to become the proud owner of a motorcaravan or camper van is to design and build it yourself. Not only can you create a distinctive holiday home, but you can also control the cost. Whether you want to fit out a van, renovate a camper, revive an old model or build one from scratch, this manual will show you how. It gives hands-on explanations about electrical systems, water supplies, storage ideas and saving weight when working with wood. All is revealed in this practical book.

The Caravan Handbook The Caravan Handbook
By John Wickersham
An essential glovebox companion for use en route and on site.
ISBN: 1859608019
This handbook contains all the information a caravanner will need when preparing for a journey and is also an essential glovebox companion for use en route and on site. Presented in a colourful, easy-to-follow format, with details on buying, towing, accessories and site procedures, this guide will answer all the questions raised when using and maintaining a caravan. There are detailed chapters on electricity, gas, sanitation and refrigeration, and information on servicing and laying up for winter.

Motorcaravanning Handbook

Motorcaravanning Handbook - Buying, owning, enjoying
John Wickersham

ISBN No 9781844254286
Book No H4428

Paperback, 220 x 130mm, 288 pages, 400 colour illustrations

Motorcaravanning is increasing in popularity, providing the freedom to take all the comforts of home with you wherever you choose in a completely self-contained unit. This handbook, presented in a colourful, easy-to-follow format, contains invaluable advice and answers all the questions you might have about motorcaravanning, covering everything from choosing and buying a motorcaravan to selecting and using sites in the UK and abroad. This book will be essential reading for anyone contemplating buying their first motorcaravan and for existing owners looking to maximise their enjoyment of the opportunities that owning a motorcaravan presents.

Visit Haynes.co.uk where you can buy this book now ...

The Motorcaravan Manual The Motorcaravan Manual
By John Wickersham
The number one guide for motorcaravanners.
ISBN: 1844250474
This radically updated second edition of an established best-seller encompasses the very latest developments in motorcaravans. The book is full of practical information and advice for both the novice and the experienced owner, covering aspects of buying, maintaining and furnishing a motorcaravan, along with useful tips and information on many models including coachbuilts, conversions, dismountables and MPVs. Case histories concerning improvement projects and self-built motorcaravans have been expanded, as has coverage of the design and specification of the very latest manufactured motorhomes.

Driving Abroad Driving Abroad:
By: Robert Davies
If motoring forms any part of your holiday, then this should be in your glovebox.
ISBN: 1844250482
This handbook - recommended by the Institute of Advanced Motorists - contains all the information a driver needs when going abroad, whether in their own car or hiring a car in another country. Presented in a colourful, easy-to-follow format, it includes details on local rules and regulations, driving techniques, car preparation, documents, insurance and road safety.

The caravanners Hanbook The Caravanner's Handbook.
by John Marchmont
Completely revised and updated for this new Seventh Edition.
ISBN: 095406920X
Bookens Ltd
he Caravanner's Handbook has become the classic guide to caravanning in Britain and Europe. First published in 1986, and now in its seventh edition, it is perennially popular among new caravanners and veterans alike. It is packed with useful information, invaluable tips and practical advice on all aspects of caravanning, yet is also a pleasure to read, written with a deft touch and frequent sparkles of humour. A generation of caravan owners and enthusiasts swear by The Caravanner's Handbook as their "caravanning bible".

Step by Step caravan manual Caravan Owner's Manual
By Lindsay Porter and Ian Waller
The complete manual for the caravan owner in step-by-step detail.
ISBN: 1899238042
Porter Manuals
Highly detailed, easy to follow service instructions on how to keep your caravan in superb condition. Keep your caravan sweet to tow, and keep it comfortable and dry inside with the help of Inside Information - trade secrets from the experts that you otherwise wouldn't get to know about. And with Caravan Auto-Biography, you can compile a personal log of information about your caravan, providing invaluable assistance when ordering spare parts.

The Complete Trailer Manual The Complete Trailer Manual
by Claire Leavey and Lindsay Porter
ISBN: 1899238212
Porter Manuals

The Complete Trailer Manual has sections on; How to build your own trailer. - Lights, brakes, suspension, tow hitches, hubs. - Load carrying and lashing down. - The UK towing and trailer weight laws. -All trailer types covered. - Car tow limits listed car-by-car.
Types of trailer covered; Horse boxes. - Boat trailers. - Trailer tents. -Car transporters. - Lightweight domestic types. Farm stock trailers. - All braked and non-braked 2-wheel and 4-wheel trailers. - All major chassis, hitch, brake, suspension and hub manufacturers covered.

The Complete camping Manual The Complete Camping Manual
by Roy Craggs and Lindsay Porter
ISBN: 1899238328
Porter Manuals
This manual will get the beginner started successfully, and contains all the information, advice, hints and tips to enhance the camping enjoyment of even the more experienced camper. Contains all the facts and information to make each camping trip a great success!

The Complete motorcaravan Manual The Complete Motorcaravan Manual
by L. Porter and A. McQuillan
ISBN: 1899238204
Porter Manuals
Highly detailed, easy-to-follow Service Instructions. Using Your Motor Caravan - on-site and on-the-road. Getting Through The MoT Test - pass first time! Choosing New and Buying Second-hand. Over 300 clear illustrations!

The Essential Towing guide Towing RoadCraft
By Philip Coyne (Police Foundation)
The definitive guide to towing in the UK.
ISBN: 9780115520228
The Stationery Bookshop

Until now there has been no reliable, unbiased source of information on towing. Although there are an estimated 4 million trailers and 500,000 caravans in the UK EC legislation is currently poorly understood and many caravanners believe they are insured when they are not. As well as being a practical how-to-do-it guide for the general public wanting to tow caravans, boats, horse boxes and general purpose trailers, it will be a definitive reference manual for the police, judiciary and insurance companies.

SMMT Guide Towing & The Law (5 th Edition)
This Society of Motor Manufacturers Guide concentrates on the safe use of light trailers and trailer caravans.
This Society of Motor Manufacturers
This guide concentrates on the safe use of light trailers and trailer caravans. Its purpose is to increase awareness of the additional rules and regulations which have to be obeyed when towing. (Includes 37 pages of text, colour illustrations and a protective cover)

B&B Chassis manual B&B Chassis Manual
by Alko Kober
Available at Kenmore Caravans

38 photocopied pages, Includes diagrams and part numbers etc, Beta up to 1972 and Sigma 1972 - 1982. This is a must for all owners of pre 1982 Thomson caravans

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