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  Delta Ground Anchors

DELTA ground anchors are a totally innovative and effective method of securing your tent or marquee. The patented DELTA design completely overcomes the problems associated with conventional methods of securing guy ropes. DELTA Ground Anchors are totally dependable and different to any other anchoring system on the market today.

nylon composite peg
Why Delta Ground Anchors were Produced

Traditional pegs consisted of wooden stakes. Today, in the name of convenience and lightness, metal pins, thin angled steel sections and plastic are all used. Wooden pegs tend to split readily. The alternatives tend to be so insubstantial that they barely penetrate the soil without bending or breaking. All conventional pegs fail to hold under the load of constant guy tension plus wind force for three main reasons:

  • With the point of attachment at the top of the peg the guy line produces maximum leverage; this causes the peg to move in the direction of tension.
  • Normal pegs have a small surface area to resist guy tension.
  • Modern pegs have little, or no, rigidity making their practical use very limited and giving a short life.
  • Anyone erecting a tent, awning or marquee has experienced problems with ineffective, cheap or disposable pegs, either as supplied or readily available on the after-sales market!
What Makes Delta Ground Anchors Different
  • The most important and unique feature is the position of the guy attachment point which ensures that the load is evenly distributed to the ground and eliminates any leverage. DELTA holds until you are ready to go!
  • The base member presents a large surface area to resist the forces acting upon it. DELTA holds fast where others cannot.
  • Standard Delta Ground Anchors are formed from stainless steel channel section. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and the strong channel section used is very rigid.
  • DELTA has a long service life, providing genuine value for money.
  • A rigid anchor makes insertion and recovery easy and resists wind and ground forces. DELTA Ground Anchors make conventional designs redundant.
  • Our Ground Anchors lie totally flush with the soil . DELTA provides maximum safety in the field.

The DELTA Ground anchors range include lightweight composites and medium/heavyweight stainless steel versions for family tents, awnings, marquees and other applications eg 'Off roading'. All are compact and incorporate the DELTA holding power and basic strength.
DELTA Ground Anchors' holding ability, strength, ease of use and corrosion resistance simply makes them the ideal choice.

Where Can I get them From?
The Delta Ground Anchors are available direct from Delta Ground Anchors in Plymouth and you have a choice of three types.
Delta Stainless Steel Anchor New Yellow Anchor Nylon Composit Anchor
Order Yours Today from Delta Ground Anchors in Plymouth
Fast and Efficient Delivery

We have used Delta Ground Anchors for our awning, two man tent and as a means of giving our dog a run when we are on site.
The run consisted of two Nylon Ground anchors with a length of washing line attached between them, the clothes line was threaded through the handle of the dogs lead. Zoe, the canine tester, has yet to pull either one of the ground anchors out, she has pulled me (at the time I weighed 14 stone), while I was sat in my wheelchair with both wheelbrakes on!
Even when using a typical doggy pull technique the Ground Anchors remained solid, in fact they actually dug down into the ground a bit more, such is the unique design of these amazing anchors!
If they can cope with Zoe a wee gale or two should be no problem!
Graham Thompson - Webmaster

Use the search box below to find anything on Thomson Caravans History and Information

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