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Fenwisks Superior Cleaning products for Caravans and Motorhomes
Fenwicks Superior Caravan Cleaner (1 litre)

Fenwick's Superior Caravan Cleaner
Specifically formulated for the cleaning of caravans. It is not just another re-badged traffic film remover, like so many on the market. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the cleaner are also the most biodegradable in their class regardless of cost, making sure that there is no other cleaner that even comes close for biodegradability. Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner attracts dirt a bit like a magnet, it then surrounds the dirt and stops it from sticking.
1 litre of Caravan Cleaner will clean up to 40, 18-foot caravans from a 1 litre bottle. It will remove black streaks, diesel fumes, and rust and drainage stains, algae, moss, fungus, road and traffic film. It is safe on all surfaces including acrylic windows, aluminium, rubber, fibreglass, decals, logos and mastics or sealants.

Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler (1 litre)

Fenwick's Bobby Dazzler
A unique finish not just for caravans and motorhomes, but also for cars, lorries and vans. Bobby Dazzler is used in the rinse off water to provide a protective coat, that enhances the shine that is already there. Bobby Dazzler repels water very quickly, this helps dry the vehicle quickly, it also keeps it cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean next time.
At 1 capful per 4 litres of water, it goes a very long way. Bobby Dazzler protects against road traffic film, salt spray, acid rain, rust, and airborne pollutants. It contains algae and mould inhibitor to slow their return. When the vehicle becomes dirty, it is easily washed as the dirt is stuck to the Bobby Dazzler and not the surface of the vehicle.

Motorhome Cleaner Fenwick's Superior Motorhome Cleaner
Size. 1 Litre - Motorhome Cleaner has been developed due to the public asking for a specific cleaner for motorhomes. One might ask why Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner could not be used? It actually has been used for many years to clean motorhomes, but there was room for improvement when it came to motorhomes.
The construction of motorhomes can vary quite a bit compared to caravans, there is often a lot more steelwork so corrosion inhibitors were introduced, and they are also larger so people tend to use power washers (so the activity was increased for power washer use).
Fenwick's Overwintering Fenwick's Superior Overwintering
Size. 1 Litre - Overwintering is formulated to protect caravans and motorhomes during winter storage. Its unique formula protects against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rain and bird lime.
Overwintering is easily applied using a spray once the unit has been cleaned. 1 litre provides 50m2 of coverage. The Overwintering layer will not crack in frosty conditions, wash off with rain or snow, or melt in warm sunshine, but it is easily removed in springtime with a solution of Fenwick's Caravan Cleaner or Motorhome Cleaner.
Overwintering is biodegradable.
Fenwicks Black Streak Remover (500ml)

Fenwick's Black Streak Remover comes in a 500ml spray bottle and has been added to the Fenwick's range, to try and change people's attitude to cleaning their caravans and motorhomes. Black Streak Remover is a 10-1 solution of Fenwick's Cleaner, so it introduces the customer to the cleaning products at a lower price point.
This product out performs other products on the market for activity, biodegradability and the fact that it does not contain any harmful ingredients (that's why there is no hazard-warning symbol!).

Fenwicks Awning Reproofer (1 Litre) Fenwick's Awning & Gazebo Reproofer is a highly effective waterproofing for canvas and synthetic fabrics such as, tents, awnings, gazebos and clothing.
What makes Fenwick's Reproofer different is the fact that it is a water based product, so making it safer to use, handle and store.
Simply spray onto area to be treated and allow to dry. A second coat may be required where the material has not been waterproofed before, or the material is very porous. Two applications will give superior protection on most fabrics. One bottle covers 15 to 30 sqr mtrs.
Fenwicks Windowize -Scratch remover for acrylic windows (50ml)

Fenwick's Windowize has been developed for a simple but effective product to remove scratches from Acrylic / Plastic windows. This handy 50ml tube provides enough product to tackle the windows on a caravan, motorhome or boat, a little goes along way.
When applied by hand, Windowize will remove scuff marks caused by trees as well as minor scratches caused by dirt, grit and manufacturing processes.

Blue Jon Fenwick's Blue Jon
Size: 2.5 litres - Concentrated formula. Formaldehyde free. Fresh citrus fragrance. A fast action formula, utilising active ingredients that are 9 times more effective than formaldehyde. Kills germs and bacteria. Actively breaks down waste solids.
Lily The Pink Fenwick's Lily The Pink
Size: 2.5 litres - Fresh citrus fragrance. Utilising the same active ingredients as Blu Jon to kill germs and bacteria. Contains slip and lubricity agents for lubricating the rubber seals, shutter and coating the bowl with slip agents to keep it clean and fresh. Stops algae growth in the flush tank and pipework (usually seen as little black bits).
fenwicks top 'n' tail Fenwick's Top & Tail - A unique toilet fluid, that can be used in the top tank, and the bottom tank. Therefore as the toilet is used the bottom tank is not being weakened as the flush water is added. Which makes it easier to use and also more economical. 
Top & Tail has been designed to improve the function on non-mains toilets, by lubricating the rubber seals and shutter and coating the bowl with slip agents to keep it clean and fresh.
Top & Tail also conforms to our strict environmental policy, so it does not contain the highly toxic and carcinogenic formaldehyde. This also means that it can be disposed of down the normal sewerage system, instead of a dedicated deposit. The toilet fluid has a seven day cycle which breaks waste down efficiently, killing germs and bacteria. It has a fresh smell and a dye that will not stain.
Fendox Concentrate (2 Litre) Fenwick's Fendox Concentrate - Interior cleaning of the caravan or motorhome has never been so easy. One product will clean everything inside the unit. Fendox in it's neat form can be used to unblock blocked drains, clean the grey and black water tanks (it will even remove formaldehyde and lime scale) including the convoluted pipe work leading to them.
Fendox can be diluted to a 10 - 1 solution with water and used to clean working surfaces, cookers, fridge's, sinks, wash basins, showers, and toilets. Fendox is food safe, so once a working surface has been cleaned with it food can be safely prepared. Fendox kills e-coli, salmonella and other germs. It will remove stains, nicotine, egg and other hard to remove substances.
Toilet Pre Spray Fenwick's Toilet Pre-Spray - 1 Litre trigger spray bottle I deal for toilets that do not have a seperate toilet flush. Helps maintain a clean, fresh, germ and stain free toilet bowl. Contains natural slip agents and lubricants to help keep the toilet functioning perfectly. Toilet Pre-Spray can be used instead of the pink top tank additive. Simply spray around the bowl before use. To compliament fragrances, Top & Tail can be used in the bottom tank.
Fenwick's range of wipes come in a handy size container, ideal for the car, boat, motorhome or caravan. Each contains 100 heavy duty wipes which will tackle those tough jobs without tearing.
Fenwick's Travel Wipes

Fenwick's Travel Wipes are ideal for cleansing and refreshing when on holiday, in the caravan, motorhome or car.

Fendox Travel Wipes Fenwick's Fendox Wipes are ideal for cleansing and sanitizing all hard surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen of your caravan, motorhome or home.

FS-1 Bike Cleaner
A unique product designed to be the most versatile and economical bike cleaner on the market. 1 litre dilutes down to make 11 litres of bike wash. Effectively and easily removes all types of dirt, undiluted can be used as a de-greaser. Safe on all materials including anodizing, rubber seals and all mechanical/hydraulic parts.


FS-10 Bike Cleaner
Ready to use formula, with a heavy duty spray head. You won't be disappointed! Effectively and easily removes all types of dirt. Safe on all materials including anodizing, rubber seals and all mechanical/hydraulic parts.

Fenwick's produce the UK's best selling cleaning and care products for caravans and motorhomes.
Get your Fenwick's products from these Online Stores
Soapy Smith's Limited has been established to bring to you, via our easy to use, secure on-line purchasing facility, top quality, environmentally friendly, value for money caravan, motorhome, bike and motorbike cleaning products and related accessories.  Halford's online shop Barrons Waudby's New Look Online Store
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