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A selection of the comments received over the years.


Name: Stefan Koski
Subject: Finland, Nykarleby
Date: 29th June 2011
I bought a Thomson Glen Berth-4 form Sweden (28.06.2011). I am going to put it after my Mercedes-Benz 220 S from 1964 and use it sometimes in the summer months. There is some work to get it in good shape, but I will use it as it is this summer.

Name: Paul Camilli
Subject: Sadoldgit's Thomson
Date: Sun, Thursday 12th May 2011
Good morning Graham,
firstly can I thank you for your excellent website, which is mainly responsible for saving my caravan fro being a hen house or worse.
An elderly resident who lives at the opposite end of the island offered me the caravan for use as a feed store or hen house as he wanted rid of it. To be honest I wasn't that keen as I've got quite enough rubbish on my croft as it is. As I thought his main reason for offering it me was so I'd remove it with my Land Rover I went to have a look at it, I was not impressed. It was covered in moss, the toilet window was broken and all the louvre's glued shut with black polyurethane. The front window had a huge perspex sheet covering and it was broken.
I told him I didn't want it but would remove it and tow it to the ferry for him, I was surprised by the fact that all the brakes worked as did the lights and when I got there it looked a whole lot better in the sunlight.
I know nothing about caravans but upon closer inspection was amazed to see a proper wooden floor and a quality of workmanship normally associated with craftsmen and not a production line. A quick Google revealed your site and a wealth of info, I was hooked :-)
That was three summers ago and we are about to embark on our fourth, Life at the end of the road means that we only get away three or four times a year but we've had some great times in her and look forward to many more.
Cheers, Paul

Name: Heather & Scott
Subject: Ottawa Canada
Date: 14th March 2011
We have a 1970 Glenelg that we found here in Ottawa, wonderful piece of history.
We have had her to Halifax Nova Scotia and over to Prince Edward Island, looking for a 70's vintage truck to tow her with.


Name: Mrs Linda O'Neill
Subject: Abergavenny / Wales
Date: 28th June 2010
Just bought a 1974 Thomson Mini Glen and was chuffed to bits till i arrived home and did a thorough look through all the cupboards only to find there is a pipe missing to the cooker and the open end of a pipe where a fridge had been fitted at some point and also that there is nowhere at all for a leisure battery! although there is a fuse box and main electric hook-up point plus 3 points inside the van, ok I can cap off the fridge point and get the hob connected safely but where the heck was the leisure battery fitted if at all as I see nothing.....help tears are close.
Leisure batteries where either in a front box mounted to the A-frame or in one of the seat lockers.

Name: Ann Horne (nee Thomson)
Subject: Davy Thomson's children - Dan's grandchildren
Date: 25th January 2010
By chance I googled my brother's name (Dan Thomson) after his death last October. We are Davy Thomson's children - Dan's grandchildren.
Wonderful to see you maintaining this website. I have introduced Dad (David Thomson)'s grandchildren to it and they are thrilled to learn so much of their grandfather's history. Thank you.

Name: Keith Woolas
Subject: Very Interesting Site
Date: 8th January 2010
Very interesting site, especially if you're new to caravaning. I have already passed it on to friends.
Keith, Howden, East Yorkshire


Name: Ann Horne
Subject: Grandad Davy Thomson
Date: 8th December 2009
What a terrific site, Graham, and good to hear from Alex. Dad was a joiner too - Grandad made him leave Larbert Central School when he was 14 and he was apprenticed to Sandy Millar in the firm. He had to be able to do everything that any other worker could do so he picked up a few more trades too! His name was Davy - Davy Thomson. He died on Feb 14th 2004 at the ripe old age of 93. When he took over the business (under Grandad he was Works Manager) he made Sandy a Director. He was always very fond of him - and Mary, his wife, and Sally. When we lived at Old Roughlands, Sandy and Mary lived next door. You've no idea how interesting this is, Graham - and how moving it is to find how much detail you have preserved. My brother, Dan (guess who he was called after?) died in October this year. He'd have loved this. But you may just get the odd posting from the grandchildren as I've sent them the web address. I remember one Easter on holiday (in an Almond) at St Andrews when Dad looked very startled and went like a hare across the field to a tiny caravan. 'It's one of mine!' he said. As part of his apprenticeship he had to make two caravans on his own - and one was still going strong! Good wishes to you both!

Name: Jim & Jean Grieg
Subject: "Hello" from Down Under
D ate: 13th November 2009
Having rebuilt a Thomson Glen Eagle over the last two years, we are about to embark on a trip of a life time.
We intend to tow the Thomson right around Australia, a distance of over 20.000km.
this trip may take us a couple of years but time is not important as we are both retired and intend to look in every corner of this Big country.
Cheers Jim & Jean

Name: Alex Reid
Subject: Thomson Staff
Date: 9th November 2009
I used to work in Thomson's caravans as a joiner, I served my time in Thomson's. I now work as a joiner fixing second hand caravans and have had a couple of Thomson vans in to fix 2 Mini Glens and a Glen Almond. one of the mini glens must have been made in the early 70s as i recognised the upholstery which was similar to the few older vans that I had seen being stored in the yard, the confusing thing was the outside had the later fittings black plastic front and back ,rubber rubbing rails, plastic windows all of which were on the later models.

Name: Alan
Subject: Dampers
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009
Hi Graham My Mk 1 Mini Glen was not fitted with shockers .I then saw a 1970 which had them , so i looked on mine and all the brackets were there for fitting .I then got given a set of shocks off a Triumph herald,which had round fixings top & bottom,I cut the top off then welded a bolt on top (after taking measurements) they fit good.
I have had one trip out and it handles a lot better.
Thank you for taking the time to try to assist me.


Name: Doug
Subject: website
Date: Sun, 7 September, 2008
I must congratulate you on a fab web site most interesting ,I love the humour section well done.

Name: Graham Collins
Subject: Thomson T-Line-Glendale Brake Cables
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008
Hello, I am the very proud owner of a 1964 Glendale which has been in the family since new. It has an early Rubery Owen Chassis. Several years ago one of the brake cables snapped (badly adjusted by me). I had a spare, but had some new ones made (just in case) They would only set up for a minimum of six so I now have 5 new spares and a used one which is ok.Somebody out there may have had my problem so i'm happy to let some go at what they cost me (£15 ea) +P&P.ps I love my Glendale and wouldn't part with it for a new 'box'.
Nice Website! I've had the van since '74 when my Mom died. She had it from new in 1964 and collected it from the factory in Falkirk. , Cheers, Graham Collins

Name: Ian Dodd
Subject: Your Site
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2008
You may know me better as ianork on the UKCampsite forums.Just wanted to say what a delightful and fascinating site you have.
I see the T-Lines seem to come on the scene at reasonable money(one in Scotland now!)
Can they be towed by a modest vehicle.
Most Thomson's can be towed with a standard 1.6 litre saloon, the smallest was designed to be pulled by a 1000cc Austin Mini.

Name: Pat Williams
Subject: Website
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008
I Liked Your Site.


Name: Nicky & Rob
Subject: Caravan
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007
Hi Just wanted to say thank you for your web pages we have found them very useful. We have just brought a Thompson T Line Glenelg 4 berth and our very happy with it. I was just wondering if you know anyone that could get hold of a gas lamp shade for the van. One has been broken!


Name: Christopher Johnstone
Subject: Website
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006
Hi, i think the website is absolutley fantastic and praise you for continuing to devote your time working on it during these past few months. i copied all of the hints and tips which i found very usefull when we went away, the only thing i noticed was that the link you have for the 'Arrival on site ' is the same as he one for 'before setting off', sorry if i have offended you in any way, keep up the good work, and congratulations for lasting so long without the smoking.

From: Roslyn
Subject: water heater
Date: Tues, 14 Mar 2006
Hi Graham
We are very grateful to you for providing the details of fitting a water heater.
Andy , Ros and the boys

Name: Mick
Subject: PDF file for Blown Air heating:
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006
Hi, I have seen your pdf file for instructions on fitting blown air heating. Is there any chance of a copy please as I would like to fit it in my van.


From: S Walker
Subject: Thomson Glen
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004
I have tried to get info on our caravan that we used when I was a child in the 70s. I think it was a thomson glen, which unfortunately isn't featured in your pages and it was pre 1979. This was however a good reference point.

From: John Glassey
Date: Sun Aug 29 2004
Not wishing to be ingratiating or patronising in any way but your website and pics are superb !!!!

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