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Caravan Pre Delivery Checklist
MAKE______________________ MODEL________________________ YEAR________________
SERIAL NO.______________________________ CUSTOMER_____________________________
DATE TO BE READY______________________                                                  
Examine all panels and mouldings, guttering, windows, vents and general bodywork for damage, missing screws,etc. Fit 7 pin plug and plug if required                  
Test road lights                  
Test interior lights if fitted                  
LUBRICATION Check cable and wiring secure                  
Grease corner Legs                   GAS
(test with regulator and hose that will be used with this van.)
Grease Shackles if fitted                  
Grease Coupling Box                  
Grease Coupling Cup                   Leak Test                  
Oil Break Linkages                   Practical Test (each burner)                  
Oil Cylinder Carrier                   Check piping and appliances secure                  
Oil Door hinges,bolts etc                   WATER
Oil jockey Wheel axle, stem and
                  Test pump for performance                  
Operate faucet                  
EXAMINE FOR TIGHTNESS OF BOLTS AND VISIBLE DAMAGE :- Check pump faucet and all hoses, joints etc for leaks                  
Coupling                   Fit M.C.C.Plates                  
Brake Linkages                   Set tyres to ______    P.S.I.                  
Jockey Wheel                   INTERIOR (Examine, check hinges, catches, doors or lids)
Corner Legs                  
RAISE EACH WHEEL Roof Lockers                  
Check bearings for play and grease                   Cupboards                  
Adjust brake shoes                   Bed Lockers                  
Examine tyres for wear and damage                   Drawers                  
Examine suspension                   Wardrobes (Check hangers)                  
Check wheel nuts                   Toilet Compartrment                  
Adjust break linkages                   Operate and check each window and vent checking its fit, catches, check stays etc.                  
Operate jockey wheel                  
Operate corner legs                  
Check doors for good fit                   Check all curtains, runners, hooks and retainers                  
Check door locks, catches and bolts                   Errect and take down each table and check fittings legs etc.                  
Check door retaining catches                  
Check connection between top and bottom half                   Make up/erect each bed andbunk and check fittings legs etc.                  
Check step if fitted                   Check pelmets and shelves                  
Sink Plug                   Extra equipment to be provided or fitted:
Grill Pan                   __________________________                  
Gas Globes                   __________________________                  
Gas Mantles                   __________________________                  
Brace                   MODIFICATIONS
_______Keys no: ________                   __________________________                  
Fitted to M.C.C. Tag marked withcustomers name                   __________________________                  
50 m.m.,/2" Ball (only fitted if arrangements not already made to supply)   Number Plate to be fitted _______                  
  Clean Interior                  
                  Check carpet/Lino                  
PAPER WORK Clean exterior                  
Warranty Application form (completed by MCC if neccasary)(New Vans Only)                   Check paintwork,Chrome, etc.                  
Paint Tyres and jockey wheel                  
Instruction book or envelope                   Paint wheels, tow bar etc. if neccasary                  
Any adjustment, repair or retification of more than a routine nature to be recorded here with details of time and materials used:-

Many thanks to Barry Cole for sending this document to me.
Use the search box below to find anything on Thomson Caravans History and Information

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