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Thomson Index
Replacement Thomson Decals
Thomson T-Line Caravans Ltd 1908 - 1982
Index to Thomson Caravan History and information
1908 - 1982 Thomson T-line Caravans Vintage Chart Out and About Your Thomson Pictures!
Envelope as supplied with Thomson caravans when new Exterior Paint colours 1959-67
Thomson Factory Thomson's For Sale/Parts
Thomson Logos and signage Thomson Caravan Pre Delivery Checklist
Thomson News Archive Thomson Repairs
Thomsons Wanted Thomson Advert Archive
Thomson Owners
Thomson Owners Directory

Thomson Owners Form

Thomsons owners by Country (PDF)  
Thomson Owners Club Archive
1972 Thomson Owners Club Application Form 1976 Thomson owners club Application Form

1967 TOC Newsletter No. 9 December

Thomson News March 1973 added
Thomson News December 1973 added  
Books and Articles by Andrew Jenkinson


1939 Caravans For Enthusiasts 1947 Kelvin Star
1949 Forty-Nine kelvin Star 1949 The Thomson Avon
1950 Thomson "Solway" 1951 Brochure Wanted
1952 Thomson "Almond" 1952 Thomson "Braemar"
1952 Thomson "Clyde" 1953 Thomson "Almond"
1954 Brochure Wanted 1955 Brochure Wanted
1956 Brochure Wanted 1957 Thomson Caravans
1958 Thomson Caravans 1959 Thomson Caravans
1960 Brochure Wanted 1961 Thomson T-Line Caravans
1962 Brochure Wanted 1963 Thomson T-Line Caravans
1964 Thomson T-Line Caravans 1965 Thomson T-Line Caravans
1966 Thomson T-Line Caravans 1967 Follow the sun with a Thomson T-Line
1968 Brochure Wanted 1969 Tour with Thomson T-Line Caravans
1970 T-Line Styled for the 70's 1971 Take to the road with T-Line
1973 T-Line The freedom family
1974Thomson T-Line Built For Touring. 1975 The T in T-Line Stands for
1976 Clan-Glen-River-Series 1977 Brochure Wanted
1978 The T-Line Story 1979 Get Up and Go With A T-Line
1980 A great Name To Have Behind You 1980 Thomson T-Line Holiday Homes
1980/81 Trade Show Brochure Pack 1981 Features Of the 80/81 Range
1982 Thomson's Unveil The '82 T-Line Look  
Magazine Articles
1908-1973 63 years of Progress 1908-1973 63 years of Progress (Origonal)
1954 The Sugared Almond 1954 Almond MK.V Road test
1962 A Novice in the Highlands 1962 South of Capricorn
1962 The Road To the Isles 1960/70s Ideal Mid Level Van
Gypsey Caravan South African Connection Thomson Adverts
The T-Line Story First published in 1970 The T-Line Story Original
Trade Show 1981 Trade Show 1981 PDF File
Towing Cars 1979 Vintage adverts for caravans and equipment
Legge - What's so clever about this lock? The Glennevis Ideal Mid Market Van
Owners Guides
1962 Thomson Caravan Owners Guide 1964 Thomson Caravan Owners Guide
1970 Thomson Caravan Owners Guide 1971 Thomson Caravan Owners Guide
1975 Thomson Caravan Owners Guide 1978 Thomson Caravans Owners Guide
1979 - 1981 Supplement to Thomson Owners Guide Thomson Pre-delivery Check List
Thomson Caravan Road Tests
1954 Thomson Clyde - Road test 20, Caravan 1957 Thomson Glendale Road Test
1959 Thomson Glendale Photo Album 1959 Thomson Glenrosa Site Test
1961 Thomson Glenalmond MKIV  - Road test 1963 Glenelg Road and Site test 152
1966 A hard three thousand testing a Glendale 1967 Thomson Mini-Glen Road Test
1973 Thomson Clansman Van Test 1978 Thomson Clan 1600 Road Test
Other Manufacturers
Road and site test No. 15 Clubman Major Road and Site test 81 Watling Carola
1967 no.184 Viking Fiberline Mk II Road and Site test 195 Waterbird Cygnet 12
Road and Site Test no 202 Sprite Musketeer C Other Caravan News
B&B Chassis Manual Bradley Spares
Caravan Chassis History Caravan Chassis Types
Lockheed 1990 Service Manual PM 13/1 Overrun Braking System
Thomson Caravan Wheel Sizes 1957 - 1964 Thomson Caravan Wheel Sizes 1957 - 1964 (Original)
Calor Gas Safety Precations Carver Cascade 2 & Cascade 2GE Installation manual
Carver Cascade 2 & Cascade 2GE Users Manual FlavelL B.600 Popular De-Luxe
Flavel Combination Stainless Steel Sink Unit And Hotplate Leisure "Princess" Stainless Steel Combination Unit 1979
Maintain gas Lights Using gas
Water System
Whale Tiptoe pump MkIII Whale Angled Fresh Water Pump MK III
Whale Tiptoe pump Mk4 GP1309 Whale Self Venting Submersible & inline Booster Pumps PDF
Wiring Diagrams
Standard System for Caravan Lights - 1957 Thomson Wiring 1963 - 65
Thomson Wiring 1966 - 69 Thomson Wiring 1970 - 78
Thomson General Notes on Caravan Wiring 1978 Thomson Wiring 1978 - 79
Thomson Rear Fog Lamps and recommendations 1980 Thomson Wiring 1980
Thomson Wiring 1981 Thomson Wiring 1982

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