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The Chairman
  • THOMSON T-L1NE Caravans Ltd. was formed in 1967 as a public company and parent company of the group.
    In the 1968 report, the Chairman, Mr. David Thomson, said:
    "It gives me great pleasure to report the continued growth of our Group and that the Group profit for the year under review is well in excess of our forecast and shows an increase of 30% over the previous year's results.
    "Production of caravans increased by 20% . . ."
    And in the 1969 report, the Chairman said:
    "Once again I am pleased to report on the continued progress of the Group .... Profit for the year shows an increase of 25% over the profit for 1968."
    And here's how the Group profits have risen;
    • 1960-£53,694;
    • 1966-£179,105;
    • 1962-£80,750;
    • 1968-£280,508;
    • 1964-£153,331;
    • 1969-£350,437.


When Bernard Appleby, now works director, came to Carron in 1957, there were some 75 workers producing 600 caravans a year. By 1970 the work force had increased threefold (to 230) and the output of caravans more than 8-fold (more than 5,000). It went like this

    • 1959- 800;
    • 1960-1,050;
    • 1961-1,000;
    • 1962-1,115;
    • 1963-1,715;
    • 1964-2,280;
    • 1965-2,475;
    • 1966-3,210;
    • 1967-3,215;
    • 1968-3,975;
    • 1969-4,655;
    • 1970-5,000 plus. . .
Reproduced from a 1970 publication by Thomson T-Line Caravans Ltd called The "T-Line Story"
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